Words and Phrases To Avoid Now Published

March 14, 2023

The Code for Construction Product Information is built around five ‘acid tests’ – that product information should be clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible and unambiguous. Indeed, to conform with clause three of the Code, manufacturers must ‘not use misleading or ambiguous wording…. and embrace the use of plain English to ensure accurate representation of ‘Product Information’ and performance claims’.

Many manufacturers have asked whether there are specific words and phrases that should be avoided across the sector. To help provide clarity, we have compiled a list that in most cases, should be avoided. In some cases, the wording or phrases, if being used, should be contextualised and defined.

This document can be downloaded here: Words and Phrases To Avoid Using_Feb-2023.

Please Note – the document is a ‘live’ document with input and suggestions from across the sector, so that it is continuously updated. However, it is not intended to include very sector specific words and phrases which should be approved by the relevant trade bodies. Please take careful note of the version and publication date.

If you have a suggested addition to the list, please contact the CCPI Project Manager at