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CCPI March Newsletter

March 20, 2023

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Registrations now open for next waves of verification with CCPI

The Code for Construction Product Information has started its first wave of assessment and verification on product information management systems. We hope to be able to report on the first successful products and product sets being verified early this summer.

Could you be part of our next wave?

If you haven’t done so already, please contact for a pledge form to start your application.

We hope you will consider starting your journey towards verification with the CCPI. Help secure recognition for your company as leading the way in driving higher standards in building safety.

CCPI Webinar Series – Onboarding & Verification

We are currently looking to onboard more manufacturers for our planned waves in March, April, May & June this year. If you are a construction product manufacturer and want to find out more about the Onboarding and Verification process for CCPI, please register for one of the upcoming webinars by clicking on the links below.

Please note that these webinars are aimed at construction product manufacturers, further webinars aimed at other parts of the supply chain, including Trade Associations, will be arranged soon.

Culture Change in Construction – Leading Building Safety Conference – 23 March 2023

We are very pleased to be attending the Building A Safer Future (BSF) Conference at the QEII Centre on the 23rd March 2023. Dame Judith Hackitt is opening with a keynote speech, and CPI Ltd’s new Interim CEO Steve Marr will be joining a panel discussion with Peter Caplehorn (CPA CEO), David Topliffe (Chair, CPI Ltd), and Geoffrey Brown, Assistant Director from the OPSS, discussing how our industry is changing. Find out more.

Words and Phrases to Avoid – Now Published

The Code for Construction Product Information is built around five ‘acid tests’ – that product information should be clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible and unambiguous. Indeed, to conform with clause three of the Code, manufacturers must ‘not use misleading or ambiguous wording…. and embrace the use of plain English to ensure accurate representation of ‘Product Information’ and performance claims’.

Many manufacturers have asked whether there are specific words and phrases that should be avoided across the sector. To help provide clarity, we have compiled a list that in most cases, should be avoided. In some cases, the wording or phrases, if being used, should be contextualised and defined.

This document can be downloaded here:

Words and Phrases To Avoid Using_Feb-2023.

Please Note – the document is a ‘live’ document with input and suggestions from across the sector, so that it is continuously updated. However, it is not intended to include very sector specific words and phrases which should be approved by the relevant trade bodies. Please take careful note of the version and publication date.

If you have a suggested addition to the list, please contact the CCPI Project Manager at

Recruitment for CPI Verifiers

We are now recruiting freelance Verifiers to help drive forward a positive culture and behaviour change in the construction product manufacturing industry. The Verifier role will provide independent verification about whether a registered organisation is conforming with the 11 clauses of the Code based on the organisation’s response to the Codes’ online verification framework.

This role offers flexibility and would suit those looking for a part-time position or for a role that fits around existing commitments, such as a portfolio career. If you are an experienced professional, with a wide and comprehensive knowledge of the UK construction manufacturing or other related industry where similar assessment techniques are used, e.g. oil and gas, chemical, aviation, etc., then this role is ideal for you.

Full details on the role and how to apply can be found on the CPI website.

Case Study – Leading Fixings & Building Consumables Distributor

In this case study, we hear from an organisation starting its journey towards CCPI verification.

As a UK leading distributor of technical anchors, fasteners and building consumables to the construction and infrastructure sector, we were already fulfilling several of the CCPI clauses every day.

To prepare for the code we established a small team to focus on the process. After comprehensively reviewing all eleven clauses, the team worked closely with other departments inside the business, including an audit of how we collate, document and manage the vast amount of product information we hold and use daily. The process included checking 14,000 items – this major project led to the implementation of a new, more flexible PIM [Product Information Management] system. This has resulted in us now having one central source of information, which is updated and checked for accuracy daily.

As part of our plan to communicate and emphasise the importance of CCPI to the wider business, posters have been displayed around the premises highlighting the key messages:

  • Why is correct product information IMPORTANT?”:
  • How will incorrect product information IMPACT you?
  • What is the new CCPI Code of practice and WHY?
  • How can incorrect product information be PREVENTED?
  • What Makes YOU responsible?

With the CCPI code gaining traction, going forwards this will enable our supply-chain customers to continuously improve and update their product information including (ETA’s, UKTA’s, BBA etc.) and as a result we can ensure our PIM system is as accurate as possible.

As this is an ongoing process, we are continually working hard to ensure our product information and internal process of managing our data is as accurate as possible.

One Last Thing.

If you haven’t done so already, please contact for a pledge form to start your application for verification with CCPI.