5 Key developments to look out for in 2022

January 31, 2022

We are looking forward to crucial developments throughout 2022 at Construction Product Information Ltd that will build on progress so far and continue to drive for higher standards in the presentation of construction product information.

ISSG third report

Dame Judith Hackitt recently published her third report as chair of the Independent Safety Steering Group.

The report, and the Government’s response, highlights the need for a widespread culture change, and for that change to go further and faster. Both the Code for Construction Product Information and the Building a Safer Future Charter are highlighted in the report as key practical tools that will support the industry drive this required culture change.

Read our full response to the report.

Building Safety First conference – 24 March

Launched in collaboration with UK Construction Week and Building a Safer Future Ltd, ‘Culture Change in Construction: Building Safety First’ is a key event for the construction industry, where those organisations that are committed to playing their part in a positive future for the industry step up, and where culture change begins. You can’t afford to miss it.

Register your interest here.

Verification Update

Following a successful year of piloting with 11 manufacturers, the Code for Construction Product Information’s robust, independent verification process will open for registration in 2022, initially for invited manufacturers, followed by wider access through the CCPI Verification Portal.

Please be advised, registration for verification will open a little later in 2022 than anticipated. Please sign up for CCPI updates for further updates.

The change in timeline is a result of a delay in finalising Professional Indemnity insurance. The provision of insurance is an issue faced by the construction product manufacturing sector as a whole and as such is outside CPI Ltd’s immediate control. Please be assured we are working hard to liaise with insurers to resolve this as soon as possible.

Please keep checking our website, we will be posting further updates on when assessments against the CCPI will get started in the coming weeks. In the meantime, manufacturers can continue to prepare for verification through reviewing the guidance provided on the CCPI website and registering interest to receive updates.

New Supporter offer to launch

Product users, specifiers, clients, constructors and procurers who have an interest in ensuring that the products they use or recommend have accurate, up to date, accessible, clear and unambiguous product information will benefit from a new CCPI Supporter Offer.

CCPI Supporters will have access to the register of verified product information among other exclusive benefits. This will launch following the first Verification Registrations later in 2022.

Working with Stakeholders

In 2022 we will continue our active engagement with key stakeholders to build support and understand for the Code across the industry.

Through our work with the Office for Product Safety and Standards, trade associations, the British Standards Institute and others we continue to ensure that CCPI aligns with upcoming regulations, is accessible to all that should be involved and up-to-date with current construction product trends.

We thank all those that are engaged so far and look forward to continuing our important work across the industry.