What is the Code for Construction Product Information?

The Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) seeks to provide assurance that any product information, whether written in a brochure, a presentation, or on a website or social media, can be relied on by specifiers and users of product information to have the necessary facts needed when making design decisions, installing, using and/or maintaining verified products.

The Code is an 11-clause set of expectations that promotes positive culture and behaviour change in the approach and management of product information by the construction product manufacturing industry.

The Code covers critical aspects from responsibility for product information to transparency of information regarding performance, proof of stated claims and general information and competency.

How does the CCPI work?

An independent and robust validation process is being implemented to underpin the Code that will rebuild trust in the provision and management of product information by all stakeholders, setting the market for UK construction products ahead of others.

The CCPI verification process consists of a product safety-related leadership and culture survey, verification of organisations’ product information management systems, and validation of specific product set evidence submitted for the eleven clauses that make up the CCPI, ensuring accuracy in the creation, communication and management of ‘Construction Product Information’.

Manufacturers will sign up to undertake the verification process in relation to their product information and upon successful completion will receive a CCPI verification marque for their verified product set.

What qualifies the CPI Verifiers?

CPI Verifiers undergo a robust recruitment process before being selected. Verifiers are self-employed professionals who have a background in science and/or engineering from a manufacturing, construction, standards or regulatory environment. They have experience of audit, certification and assessment processes and have ability to effectively communicate and consult with stakeholders regarding product information content and management. In addition, they will have experience of monitoring, reporting, reviewing and evaluating product information accuracy.

Who can be part of CCPI?

The CCPI will be open to any organisation that is involved in the manufacturing or distribution of products used in the construction of buildings and structures in the UK.

Registrations for the verification process will open later in 2021 and manufacturing organisations can get prepared now by reviewing the 11 clauses of the Code and reading the available guidance documents.

How long is the CCPI verification marque valid for?

Verification will normally be valid for two years depending on the timeframes in which product sets are submitted for validation.

How much does it cost to sign up to CCPI?

An annual registration fee will be charged , with additional fees for Culture & Leadership and management systems validation and product set verification charge at first submission biannually on revalidation.

Who runs Ltd?

Construction Product Information Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation being set up with independent governance. It will have an independent Chair and a Board of seven Non-Executive Directors, including minority representation from its owners, the Construction Products Association (CPA).

It has been set up by the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), a well-respected not-for-profit organisation with over a 20-year pedigree in independent assessment practices. It is objective and trusted, helping to achieve lasting behavioral and cultural change in the construction industry.